A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Vape Crusade is a top-down shooter created in 48 hours for the Cool Games Jam based off the theme "Battle Vapes".

You play as Mary-Jane, a young girl living in a gray dystopian world where thinking is illegal. However, it is your destiny to return color and free-thinking to the world using the divine vape bestowed upon you....

Enter: Start game and move through dialogue
WASD or Arrow Keys: Move
Left mouse button: Click and hold to inhale and release to exhale
However, if you inhale too long you'll cough and won't be able to vape for a short time!


Programmer: Andrew Hung - https://twitter.com/chipfunk89
Writing & Design: Allie Ast - https://allieast.wordpress.com/
Art: Warren Linsey - http://vintageninjafish.tumblr.com/
Music & SFX: Taylor Ambrosio Wood - https://soundcloud.com/taylorambrosiowood
SFX: Matt Boerner - https://soundcloud.com/memoryforgemedia
Voices: Matt Juskelis - https://twitter.com/juskelis

Thanks for playing!


Vape Crusade 49 MB
VapeCrusade.zip 58 MB

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